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25th of April 2005

Masters of Hardcore Chapter XIX out SOON!!!!!

Natuurlijk staat chapter XIX volledig in het teken van het 10-jarig bestaan van Masters of Hardcore en het daar bijbehorende feest in het Thialf Stadion te Heerenveen!

Masters of Hardcore Chapter XIX “The core supremacy” knalt binnen enkele dagen de winkels in, be prepared!


1 Angerfist The world will shiver(the official Masters of Hardcore 2005 anthem)

2 Menace II Society House of pain

3 Outblast vs dj D Electro shocking

4 Dione The way is shut

5 Promo Lost in the bush

6 Negative A White fluids of dna

7 Ophidian The middle children

8 Noize Suppressor Hardcore junky

9 Division X & Nostal G Depressed fashion

10 Serial Killaz Gangster

11 Jappo & Lancinhouse Exlxaxl(Neophyte & Evil Activities remix)

12 Scott Brown Old to the new

13 Paul Elstak & Distortion feat. Mc Ruffian This aint no game(This is war)

14 Angerfist Chop chop

15 Dr.Z-Vago Blow my horn

16 Day-mar Hear Day-mar whistle

17 Tieum Cold world

18 Akira vs Angerfist Penis enlarger


1 Outblast Life sentence for mankind(never say die)

2 Angerfist Take u back

3 Ophidian Sleepwalking

4 D-Passion Everyday again

5 Dj D & Outblast Mental shutdown

6 Noize Suppressor Bitch

7 Dj D & Dj Paul There is no heaven

8 Buzz fuzz Gone…(Wake Up!)

9 Randy vs Radium The beat

10 D-Drive The pain

11 Angerfist Stainless steel

12 Dj J.d.a. & dj Redemption What the fuck

13 The Outside agency & D’Spyre Fire & blood revisited

14 Hellsystem Dont lie 2 me

15 Alkeline 3DH Fly by wire(Catscan remix)

16 Matt Green Nothing man

17 Angerfist Yes

18 Day-mar Fuckin motherfuckin slit

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