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4th of December 2020

“Doomslayer” by Thorax is out now!

German hardcore hero Thorax is back on Masters with a phenomenal, hard as nails new solo called “Doomslayer”. Known for sharp and punchy tracks like “Dark Angel”, “The Reckoning” and “A Decade of Syndicate”, this mastermind never ceases to capture fans in his dark atmospheric music.

His newest single “Doomslayer” serves as no exception to his rule of quality. Expect an all-round solid hardcore tune loaded with ammunition and a straight-up, no nonsense approach.

CLICK HERE to download or stream “Doomslayer” by Thorax.

Comments 3

3 responses to ““Doomslayer” by Thorax is out now!”

  1. when he made this he went through some computer issues. glad he found a copy where he could work on further …. its a fantastic track but way too short sadly

    Greetings from Germany

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