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30th of September 2022

Broken Minds’ new album ‘Creepy Terror Show’ is out now

Listen to Broken Minds’ brand-new album ‘Creepy Terror Show’!

On a dark and cold winter’s night in 1988, two puppets forged a hellish path when they were dominated by a demon called ‘Broken Minds’. Every night they appeared in a sombre theatre to act out twisted scenes and play cursed music on an old record player. This, what they called the ‘Creepy Terror Show’ was performed in front of thousands of fanatics belonging to the hard dance cult.

Legend states that those who heard these ancestral tunes began feeling an uncontrollable excitement and could not stop dancing until they died from exhaustion. This ghastly demon took their souls into the afterlife, where they spent eternity dancing to hits created in hell.

Two years of carefully scheming and working on this major project have come to an end and now Broken Minds are ready to proudly present their third artist album to the world. ‘Creepy Terror Show’ is their darkest and most convincing creation. The pair display their passion for hardcore music with a cohort of brand-new tracks, remixes and collaborations that express their diverse vision.

The album contains several brand-new, never heard before Broken Minds bangers, plus collaborations with top of the line artists including Ophidian, Irradiate, D-Frek and many others!

Enjoy the album now on all digital streaming & download services, or pick up a hardcopy at Masters of Hardcore Store.

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