Dominating the scene like a true warrior, the story of Irradiate is one to inspire and motivate. From a party visitor to signed Masters of Hardcore artist, Rick Haartmans (aka Irradiate) has a deep-seeded passion for music and the hardcore scene.

After visiting his first party at the age of 15, he immediately knew that being on stage was his dream. Working hard behind the scenes for many years, in 2019 Irradiate decided it was time to finally present his act. His first singles gained huge traction already as Irradiate moved on to make huge waves with his 2021 release “Warriors” with DRS & Tha Watcher, which was awarded #4 in the MOH Top 100.

Making a good impression on the entire scene, in 2022 Irradiate joined the Masters of Hardcore label and released his debut “Endless Sacrifice” with MC Livid. Later this year, he plans to unveil his album ‘Legacy of Blood’. Let’s leave a legacy!