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9th of February 2023

Check out Re-Style’s two-disc vinyl ‘Masterworks’!

To celebrate a 20 year legacy in hardcore music, one of Masters of Hardcore’s biggest successes Re-Style releases a two-disc vinyl product. ‘Masterworks’ features some of his most legendary productions, including the acclaimed ‘Get It Crackin’ and more recent hits like ‘One Last Dance’.

The high-quality 180 gram 12″ vinyl comes completed with a golden design that features lyrics on the inside sleeve. Furthermore, there is also a scratch track available on the product. Both vinyl discs are numbered.

Re-Style – Master Works vinyl is available now in the Masters of Hardcore Store. You can order a copy here. All ordered copies will be shipped immediately.

A1. Re-Style ft. Cammie Robinson – Kryptonite
A2. Re-Style & Vertex – Shadow World
A3. Re-Style – Mastermind
B1. Re-Style ft. Cammie Robinson – One Last Dance
B2. Re-Style – Get It Crackin’ (Final 2013 Edit)
B3. Re-Style – Renovation
B4. Re-Style ft. Cammie Robinson – One Last Dance (Acoustic Version)

C1 Wildfire
C2 Hate Me
C3 Wasteland
Scratch & Samples
D1 We Are Hardcore
D2 Leap of Faith
D3 Get It Crackin (Sefa Remix)

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