Dear travel partner,

On the 30th of March 2024 Masters of Hardcore will take place. Because safety is a solid point in our organization, we would like to receive some information from you ahead of the event to make everything run smoothly and to use in case of emergency. Please fill in the following fields.
The parking fee for every bus is €50,00. You can get your parking ticket upfront via this shop link.  Payment can also be done at the location by card or cash.

  • Driver 1: Phone number - Driver 2: Phone number - Driver - 3: Phone number - Etc.
  • Will the drivers stay at the location, at the bus or at a hotel? (if at a hotel, please note which hotel, so we can inform the shuttle drivers)
  • With how many touring cars will you travel?
  • Will each touring car stay at the event? Or otherwise where will you park the touring car?
  • If you got any other information to note, please write it in this field.