Masters of Hardcore VR live experience by PYTHIAN
Ticket sales have stopped
27th of March 2021 - 27th of March 2021
20:00 - 21:00

General info

Explore the realm of PYTHIAN and be part of the world’s most extreme XR (Extended Reality) hard dance gathering. Let us reform your reality and witness the power of a virtual escape.

On March 27th of 2021, the first live experience will take place within PYTHIAN. Masters of Hardcore will present a one hour experience that transports you back to the 2016’s event theme: Raiders of Rampage. A VR experience including the hardest live sets from top of the bill hardcore artists. Immerse yourself in the world of vikings and virtually rave with people from all over the world. Obey the noise of the visionary. The world never saw them coming.


Get the PYTHIAN app and Masters of Hardcore live experience as a package with early access discount. The package will be offered from March 15th for an Early Access price of €19,95 (regular price: €24,95). Head over to Steam to add the package to your wishlist and receive an email notification once the package is available.


PYTHIAN is available for all VR headsets that work with PCVR are suitable for PYTHIAN and most Windows PC’s with Windows 10. For more info and questions about other devices and operating systems, check our technical requirements page.