Official Masters of Hardcore podcast 112

Released: Jul 20th, 2017


The queen of hardcore is back! No one but Korsakoff is the host of episode 112 of the Masters of Hardcore podcast. This episode contains tracks from the queen herself, Re-Style, DJ Mad Dog, Ophidian, Tha Playah and more. Turn up your volume and gear up for your weekly hardcore rush!




Tracklist I

  • 01. The Game (Korsakoff & Re-Style)
  • 02. That's The Sound (DJ Mad Dog)
  • 03. Running On Empty (Ophidian)
  • 04. Why So Serious (Angerfist Remix) (Tha Playah)
  • 05. Call My Name (AniMe)
  • 06. Ibiza Goes Hard '17 Anthm (Hardcore Version) (Re-Style)
  • 07. Maze Of Martyr (Oficial Dominator Anthem) (DJ Mad Dog feat. Dave Revan)

Tracklist II

  • 08. The Big Bang (Dither)
  • 09. ID (Korsakoff)
  • 10. Riot & Rise (Bodyshock ft. MC Syco)
  • 11. F.#.C.K.Y.O.U (Digital Punk)
  • 12. MOH The Skull Dynasty (Free Bootleg) (Scarphase)
  • 13. Come On (Dr. Peacock & Sefa)





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