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The Spanish hardcore revelation Wasted Mind will be responsible for the anthem of the new ruling collaboration between Official Art of Dance and Q-dance. Wasted Mind his 'Alliance' proves that hardcore… more

Since the announcement for ‘NIRVANA OF NOISE’ was made, a lot of people are speculating about what artists will be breaking down the walls of Heineken Music Hall with their divine noises. We know expectations are high,… more

Unfortunately there's people out there that used stolen credit cards to order SYNDICATE tickets through the Paylogic system. All these tickets will be blocked and will not be valid to enter SYNDICATE. If you bought a ticket from someone… more

Can't get enough of Wasted Mind? Check out his latest promomix for SYNDICATE 2013. more

We're very proud to herewith present you the official SYNDICATE 2013 anthem created by Tha Playah and MC Alee!

Tha Playah feat. MC Alee - Menace to Mankind… more

SYNDICATE 2013 Promomix #3 by Negative A is online now. Total destruction!

Click here to listen. more

The second promomix for SYNDICATE 2013 by Re-Style is out now. Check it out here. more