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BOMBS AWAY! Angerfist - 'The Deadfaced Dimension' ALBUM is NOW available for your dedicated hardcore ears! 

Be fully… more

The most anticipated hardcore videoclip of the year is here!

The worlds #1 hardcore artist Angerfist presents his 'Dead faced Dimension' Anthem! … more

On november 1st, Carnival of Doom took over the Heineken Music Hall in Amsterdam. More than 25 artists and the most devoted crowd in the world made this night into the ultimate hardcore spectacle. more


After the announcement of Carnival of Doom the world of hardcore shivered.
The two giants in hardcore, the superior location and the most devoted crowd in the world will fuse into the ultimate hardcore spectacle.
Hereby… more

It is the most anticipated hardcore album of 2014.
The release of the coming Angerfist- ‘The Deadfaced Dimension’ album is just a blink away.
With a massive event in the Brabanthallen… more


On the 4th of October 2014 Germany witnessed the 8th edition of the brutal Syndicate.
Over 20.000 dedicated supporters gathered for the annual celebration of pure… more