Official Masters of Hardcore podcast 099

Released: Apr 20th, 2017


Destructive Tendencies are here to give you some energy on your Thursday afternoon! Listen now to episode 99 of the official Masters of Hardcore podcast. Note that next week we celebrate the 100th episode of the Official Masters of Hardcore Podcast. Tune in on TUESDAY APRIL 25TH at 5PM for a special, 4 hour long broadcast live from the studio.





  • 01. Fight As One (Dirty Bastards)
  • 10. This Is Your Moment (Destructive Tendencies)
  • 11. Execution Fashion (OGM909 & DJ Sirio)
  • 12. Fuck The Fame & Fortune (Destructive Tendencies & Partyraiser)
  • 02. Disorder (Javi Boss ft. MC Jeff)
  • 03. Skull Dynasty (Destructive Tendencies)
  • 04. Like A Drum (Destructive Tendencies ft. Paul Elstak)
  • 05. Super Size King Day Anthem (Nosferatu ft. Alee, LXCPR & Diesel)
  • 06. Where You At Muthafukka (Destructive Tendencies & Re-Style)
  • 07. Psycho (Freakon)
  • 08. Insane (Neophyte & Restrained)
  • 09. Who Are You To Judge Me (Destructive Tendencies & Nosferatu)





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