Official Masters of Hardcore podcast 062

Released: Jul 28th, 2016


Let’s give your day an energy boost! Destructive Tendencies are here with a brand new #MOHPODCAST for you! Enjoy!




Tracklist I

  • 01. Slaves To The Darkness (Destructive Tendencies)
  • 02. Dogfight (DJ Mad Dog)
  • 03. God Of War (Javi Boss FT MC Diesel)
  • 04. Bloodrush (Destructive Tendenciex Remix) (Angerfist & Miss K8)
  • 05. Inner Demons (Destructive Tendencies FT MC Tha Watcher)
  • 06. #MFFYF (DJ Mad Dog & Noize Suppressor FT Rob Gee)
  • 07. Ameno (DJ Mad Dog & Unexist Remix) (Destructive Tendencies & F. Noize)

Tracklist II

  • 10. Fuck The Rules (Destructive Tendencies)
  • 11. Warzone (Noize Suppressor & Unexist FT Santronica)
  • 12. Play My Game (Destructive Tendencies & Tha Playah FT MC Jeff)
  • 13. Dont Fucking Touch Me (Streiks & Kratchs)
  • 14. Evil Is Evil (Destructive Tendencies)
  • 08. Who Are You To Judge Me (Destructive Tendencies & Nosferatu)
  • 09. Headshot (Noize Suppressor & Tha Playah FT MC Nolz)





2 CD's

Additional Info

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