Official Masters of Hardcore Podcast 037

Released: Jan 28th, 2016


This weeks episode of the Official Masters of Hardcore podcast is hosted by a special crew: The MOH Radio Live Crew! They will bring you a megamix of all the tracks that made it to the MOH Top 100 in 2015. Download or stream this episode now on your favorite channels or listen to this 4 hour show on Hardcore Radio.



1Tha Playah,   Neophyte & The Viper – Rebel Dizz #TiH
2N-Vitral & Tymon – Hardcore Warfare
3Angerfist – Conspiracy (Thorax remix)
4Thorax – Dark Angel
5Art of Fighters – Words of War
6Angerfist – The Game
7Art of Fighters- Guardians of Unlost
8Advanced Dealer – Hellscream
9Angerfist & Dyprax – Afraid of Me
10Bloodcage – Martyr
11Angerfist & Radical Redemption – Masters of The Great Conspiracy
12AniMe – Terrordome #TiH
13Promo feat. Ophidian – Unacceptable
14Nosferatu & Art of Fighters – Devil’s Mind #TiH
15Dyprax – The Future ( Tha Playah remix)
16Angerfist – Circus Circus
17Nosferatu – Assassinator Style
18N-Vitral – Crispy Bassdrum
19Angerfist & Radical Redemption – Repercussion
20DJ Mad Dog – Not My Tempo
21Tha Playah & Promo feat. Snowflake – Down Below
22Dyprax – Break Ya Back
23The Viper & Nosferatu – Kingdom Come
24Radical Redemption & Miss K8 feat. MC Nolz – Scream
25DJ Mad Dog feat. MC Jeff – A Real Voice #TiH
26Noize Suppressor feat. MC Syco – The Power of Unity
27DJ Mad Dog feat. MC Nolz & MC Syco – The Apocalypse
28Tommyknocker – Nobody Stopping This
29DJ Mad Dog feat. Rob Gee – Namasté Motherfuckers
30Radical Redemption & Bloodcage – Killswitch
31Angerfist – Perfect Fury (The Outside Agency remix)
32The Outside Agency & N-Vitral – Sam’s Gospel
33Ophidian feat. E.J. Grob & William F. DeVault – Nightfall Angel
34Bodyshock feat. MC Jeff – Legacy
35AniMe & Rob Gee – You Get Me High
36Dyprax – Miscreant
37DJ Mad Dog & AniMe – Ama Shishi
38Noize Suppressor feat. The Mystery MC – Party Animal
39Art of Fighters & Predator – Hellfire
40Tha Playah & Nosferatu – Riders of Retaliation
41D-Fence – Krakaka
42Promo – Phreak Ya Speaka (N-Vitral Re-Phreak)
43Sei2ure – Peer Pressure
44The Outside Agency – Prepared To Die
45N-Vitral – Hard Energy
46Angerfist & MC Nolz – Raise & Revolt
47Dyprax & MC Nolz – Posse of The Hard
48Nosferatu – Sanctity of Space
49The Wishmaster – Let The Games Begin
50Angerfist & Crossfiyah – Blast At You
51Titan & DV8 Rocks! – Flup Uhm Op Z’n Kantje! ( Tha Playah remix)
52Angerfist & Neophyte feat. MC Alee & MC Diesel – Fight With Anger
53Dyprax – Running Scared
54Korsakoff & DaY-már feat. Erik Lindemans – Hurt
55Angerfist & N-Vitral – The Envy
56The Outside Agency & N-Vitral – The Ultimate Hunter
57N-Vitral feat. Sei2ure – Noise Pumper
58Destructive Tendencies vs. F.Noize – Ameno
59Noize Suppressor – Ears Bleed
60Amnesys – Embrace The Ultimate
61Radical Redemption & Dyprax – Snakepit
62Dope D.O.D. feat. Teddy Killerz – Master Xploder ( Partyraiser remix)
63Partyraiser vs. Destructive Tendencies – Sound Becomes One
64Angerfist & Negative A – Hurricane For My Brain
65Art of Fighters & Meccano Twins – Hear Me Coming
66Deterrent Man & Onesimk – Whatsapp Madness 2.0
67Destructive Tendencies vs. Andy The Core – Drug & Alcohol Abuse
68Partyraiser & Scrape Face – Roll The Bass
69Radical Redemption & Destructive Tendencies – Bring Us Some
70Angerfist – Lose Yo Calm
71Andy The Core feat. Onesimk – Dopeness
72The Sickest Squad vs. Tieum feat. Kraken – Swingbeat #TiH (VIP Sickcore remix)
73DJ Paul Elstak & Partyraiser – Back From The Dead ( The Unfamous remix)
74Unexist – Underground Existence
75Andy The Core – Bassment (Onesimk remix)
76Destructive Tendencies vs. Hardbouncer – Destiny
77Angerfist & MC Tha Watcher – Leatherface
78Dr. Peacock & Repix & Para Italia – Vive La Frenchcore
79Dr. Peacock – Trip To Ireland
80Partyraiser & Scrapeface – You’re No Competition
81F.Noize vs. System Overload – Gabberz In Pariz
82Angerfist & Dr. Peacock – Cavemen
83The Sickest Squad & Radium feat. Kraken – Bomb By Bomb
84Nosferatu – Not Giving A Shit
85Radical Redemption & Drokz – Rhythmic Structure
86Promo – Een En Al Blijheid
87Dr. Peacock & Death By Design – Eat This!
88Partyraiser & F.Noize feat. MC Da Syndrome – Unlocked
89Underground Vandalz – Fuck You
90Andy The Core – Only In Texas
91Partyraiser & F.Noize – La Bomba (System Overload remix)
92Dr. Peacock – Walking In The Air
93The Sickest Squad & Lenny Dee – Ass Bass ‘n Bitches
94Andy The Core – Brutal Method
95Dr. Peacock & Remzcore – Nothing’s Free
96Paul Elstak feat. Beatstream & Radiate – Angels Deserve To Die ( Fucked Up by Cryogenic)
97Sjammienators – Life’s A Bitch
98Dr. Peacock & Zyklon – Trip To Japan
99Partyraiser & Scrape Face – Enjoy The Noise
100Andy The Core feat. MC ADK – The Last One (Don’t Fuck With Andy The Core)








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