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Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Masters of Hardcore has officially released this year’s anthem on the world’s biggest hardcore download portal Hardtunes.
With a stunning 60.000 views in 2 weeks on Youtube, the anthem by Dyprax surpassed all expectations and it was clear he succeeded in his mission.

Now that the full version is available, Hardtunes customers will be delighted with other unique news.
 Besides the original version by Dyprax, Mr. Unexist did a powerful and pounding remix!
 Using his typical rough ingredients, the Italian mastermind Unexist delivers in a way only he can.

The only thing left is to wait for the 2nd of April when over 20.000 people will execute their musical disorder using the sonic weaponry of Dyprax & Unexist.

”Individually we are disturbed, united we are a rock solid foundation. 
An army with a universal mission we will prevail. Breaking out with our unified calling we will execute: 

The Statement of Disorder.”

Visit the Hardtunes portal for previews and purchasing.