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Podcast #4 is al about the past. Early hardcore like never before brought to you by the mixmaster DJ Vince.

Enjoy! more

He is one of the hardest playing dj's around.
This year he has the honour to perform at the MOH mainstage.
Check out what this BPM killer has to say!


For each episode we will… more

Podcast #3 is now available. The master of violence Akira made sure to include as much carnage as he possibly could. Check it… more

They are part of a strong legion of new hardcore producers. With performances on all the big stages and releases on the worlds most important hardcore labels we are curious what they have to more

As requested the second Empire of Eternity podcast.

Podcast #2 is brought to you by the queen of hardcore! Korsakoff!more

He is the baddest, loudest, darkest and fastest rising raw star.
Besides his strong music he has a strong opinion.

Lets hear what the ruler has… more

Here it is! The first Masters of Hardcore - Empire of Eternity podcast by the talented newly signed Bodyshock.

Brace… more