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On the 13th of April 2013 you will prove it will never die.
With great pride we present the new trailer of the worlds leading hardcore event.

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Masters of Hardcore has got something to celebrate! 100.000 HARDCORE FANATICS WORLDWIDE! Thank you for your support!

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The 5th of January 2013 will be a historical day for the Austrian hardcore scene. The worlds leading event will display its power with a pure and mesmerizing hardcore event. Over 6000 Austrians and hardcore fanatics from the surrounding… more

Your desire for the worlds leading event will be fulfilled. Masters of Hardcore proudly presents the trailer and line-up of Australia’s first pure hardcore experience.

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The 2nd of March 2013 will be a memorable day in the history of sound addictive Australia. A prime artist selection, an eye-blinding production, a full grade MOH entertainment show and Australia’s most devoted crowd will fuse… more

First 500 tickets with free VIP upgrade are SOLD OUT!
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The Official Masters of Hardcore - The Torment of Triton aftermovie is here!

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