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Out now: T-Junction - Arena of destiny

Monday, 28 March 2011

T-Junction strikes back with a slammin’ new release.
Expect blastin’ kickdrums , earpunishing sounds and uplifting melodies.

The first one is a solo track called “Arena of Destiny” wich has a lot of atmosfear, great melody and a pounding kickdrum. The second track is a remix from no one else than Dj  Juanma from Spain. T-junction made a remix for Juanma called “The Prophecy” on Central records (also soon available on hardtunes) and Juanma decided to remix “Postcard from Hell” (with Angerfist).

He did a great job on this one, he managed to keep the dark atmosfear from the original track but also gave it a facelift into the well known Central style.

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