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Out now: Re-Style –“Hit You Up”

Thursday, 12 January 2012

Out now: Re-Style –“Hit You Up”  

Masters of Hardcore starts 2012 with a banging release by Re-Style. After his anthem for Masters of Hardcore – Assault On The Arena, he strikes once again with four brand new tracks that will cause huge damage to the dancefloor, including a massive Korsakoff remix of “Keep The Vibes Alive”.  

“Hit You Up” is a no nonsense weapon of mass destruction that will even get your subwoofers dancing. No epic breaks, just four to the floor hardcore action. Korsakoff delivers her first gem of 2012 with her remix of “Keep The Vibes Alive”, featuring vocals by the Canadian Nikkita ( also responsible for the vocals on “Assault On The Arena”)”. And after the successful collaboration with Mercenary on “Conducting Experiments”, Re-Style returned to the studio with the MOH Radio Live-host for the uptempo banger “Going Down” and their early hardcore tribute “We Go Back”.     

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