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Masters of Hardcore DVD 10 - Raise Cain

Main Room (57:40)                                                                                                            Featuring: Angerfist, D-Saster, DJ Bike, DJ Outblast, Day-Mar, Endymion, The Horrorist, Javo Boss, Korskoff, Nosferatu, Ophidian, Paul Elstak, Placid-K, Promo, The Stunned Guys, Tommyknocker                                                                                                              Interview; Day-Mar, MC Mouth of Madness

Other Areas (7:34)

Interviews (9:05)                                                                                                                 Featuring: Charly Lownoise, DJ Rob, Dr Rude, Endymion, The Horrorist, Matt Green, Mental Theo, The Outside Agency, Paul Elstak, Peaky Pounder, Predator, Radium, The Viper Interview; Day-Mar, MC Mouth of Madness

MOH Radio (3:34)                                                                                                           Featuring D-Saster, DJ Outblast, DJ Korsakoff                                                            Interview; Recype

Trailer (2:59)