Timetable & final info Dominator 2017

Timetable & final info Dominator 2017


Just a few more days until 50.000 hardcore heads enter the world of pure misery. Check the timetable below and read the final info to prepare yourself to step into the horrific Maze of Martyr!

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Download the app

Download the official Dominator 2017 app for iPhone or Android for the line-up, your personal timetable, our floorplan, merchandise and more.


All tickets for Dominator Festival 2017 are sold out. Beware of unofficial ticket sellers and scammers! Do not buy tickets from one of the websites in this list. Please use our ticket transfer tool to transfer second hand tickets to your own name. In this way the old barcode will also be cancelled and you will receive a new barcode. This means your tickets are 100% valid.

It’s not necessary to print your e-tickets, we can also scan them from your mobile phone. Make sure the brightness of your screen is set to 100%.


Personalization of all tickets is required. We kindly ask to keep your ID ready at the entrance. For more information about personalization and answers to frequently asked questions, please check this page.

Two entrances

Please pay attention: Dominator has two different entrances this year! Entrance A is the main entrance, for cars, taxis and the kiss & ride. Entrance B is for touringcars. Follow all red signs for the main entrance/exit A and the green signs for the touringcar entrance/exit B. It’s very important to use the same exit and entrance!

Minimum age

The minimum age for Dominator is 18 years. This means you need to be 18 years of older at the day of the event. We won’t make any exceptions on this. Make sure you bring a valid ID card. No ID means no entrance!


There will be enough e-lockers available at the event. Skip the waiting line at the locker desk and buy your e-locker in pre-sale. You can trade your e-locker voucher for a locker number and pin code at the locker desk at the festival.

How to get there?

Car & parking

The address of Dominator festival is Buivensedreef 10, 5521 RN in Eersel. There is plenty of parking space next to the event terrain. Parking tickets are only available at the parking entrance and can only be paid cash.

When dropped off or picked up by a friend or taxi, please make sure to follow the ‘Halen & Brengen’ signs. There are no other possibilities in the area to be dropped of or picked up!

Public transport

Be well-prepared for your trip and use the ‘NS Reisplanner’. You can use this tools to find out if (and how) the engineering works will affect your trip. Along the way you can plan your trip using the ‘Reisplanner Xtra’ app or the website www.ns.nl. We recommend to plan your trip back home at this same moment.

Shuttle buses

There is a shuttle service between Eindhoven railway station and Dominator Festival. The first shuttle buses depart at 10:00 AM from Eindhoven and they will continue driving to and fro throughout the event. Make sure to leave on time if you want to catch the last train at Eindhoven Central station! We highly recommend to get your tickets in presale. A return shuttle bus ticket costs € 8,00 (excl. fee).

Bus tours

Organized transport by luxury coach
Looking for an easy and comfortable way to travel to Dominator Festival 2017? Event travel will organize bus trips from many different places in the Netherlands. A perfect solution for those who don’t own a car or don’t want to drive to the event themselves. Their bus trips start in your city of choice and end in front of the E3 Strand. You’ll be picked up and dropped off close to the venue. More information >

Organizing your own bus trip?
Please register your coach at onlineticket.nl. In this way you’ll receive all important travel information for the bus driver.

Live broadcast

Dominator festival will be streamed live at Hardcore Radio or Q-dance Radio (audio only). Tune in between 11:00AM and 11:00PM.


Tokens can be payed with bankcard or cash. Make sure to bring enough cash since there’s no ATM on the festival site.

Zero tolerance

The drugs policy at Dominator is zero-tolerance. This means that all types of soft- and hard drugs are not allowed. For more information about the drugs policy in The Netherlands, please check this video:

Celebrate Safe

At Dominator we’ll party conscious. Want to know what exactly this means? You are welcome for a chat at the Celebrate Safe supported by Unity stand. Most people at Unity are experts who like to share their knowledge and experience with you. They provide objective and open-minded education about alcohol and other drugs.

Protect your ears

You have only got one pair of ears, so be careful with those. Make sure you wear hearing protection. Also don’t stand to close by speakers, because you can suffer from hearing loss afterwards. At the Lost & Found stand and ice cream stands you can buy hearing protection.


There will be lots of merchandise stands at Dominator festival. Here you’ll find the brand new Dominator merchandise, albums, merchandise related to the artists and more. Don’t want to wait until the festival? You can also buy your merchandise online here.

Signing sessions

Dominator CD stand

15.00 Deadly Guns
19.00 Mad Dog

Masters of Hardcore merchandise stand

17:15 Bodyshock
18:00 Mad Dog

Photo cameras

All sorts of cameras are allowed at Dominator festival. Bring yours and SPAM the internet! Don’t forget to add the official hashtag #Dominator2017. Selfie sticks are only allowed with a maximum length of 1m.

Official afterparty

In for another party right after Dominator? Join Mad Dog, F-Noize, Bodyshock, Deadly Guns and DJ Charon at the official afterparty in the Effenaar Eindhoven. For more info and tickets, check bassworx.nl/dominator.


General questions and inquiries

+31682590703 (Whatsapp only)

Subscribe to the Dominator Whatsapp updates

Add Art of Dance (+31682590703) to your address book and send us a Whatsapp message with ‘WHATSAPP ON EN’ for English, ‘WHATSAPP ON DE’ for German or ‘WHATSAPP ON NL’ for Dutch. If you see two blue ticks you’re subscribed.





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