With just a few days left, hardcore-fans from all over the world are getting ready for the yearly highlight: Masters of Hardcore – The Vortex of Vengeance.
With the two new added areas this will be the biggest Masters of Hardcore event in history.
All possible means of transport are used to arrive at the ultimate destination. Representatives from all continents will unify and share their common hardcore desire. We would like to enlarge the enthusiasm by presenting you the timetable and final facts of Masters of Hardcore – The Vortex of Vengeance.


Vortex of Vengeance
22:00-23:00 Nitrogenetics vs Javi Boss
23:00-00:00 Dyprax vs Amnesys
00:00-01:00 Accelarator vs Re-Style – LIVE
01:00-02:00 Korsakoff vs Evil Activities
02:00-03:00 State of Emergency
03:00-04:00 Masters Elite (Angerfist / Outblast / Catscan) – LIVE
04:00-05:00 Day-Mar vs Unexist
05:00-06:00 Noize Suppressor vs Mad Dog – LIVE
06:00-07:00 Tha Playah vs Nosferatu
MC Tha Watcher & MC Nolz

Tyrants Void
22:00-23:00 Meccano Twins
23:00-00:00 Meagashira
00:00-01:00 Lowroller
01:00-02:00 Ophidian
02:00-02:30 Negative Audio – LIVE
02:30-03:30 Tymon
03:30-04:30 I:GOR-LIVE
04:30-05:30 Lady Kate
05:30-06:30 DJ Producer
06:30-07:00 Sickest Squad – LIVE
MC Justice
Medieval Massacre 
22:00-23:00 Pavo
23:00-00:00 Buzz Fuzz
00:00-01:00 Dune
01:00-02:00 Bass-D
02:00-03:00 Lars & Panic
03:00-04:00 Lenny Dee
04.00-05.00 Paul Elstak vs The Stunned Guys
05:00-06:00 Vince
06:00-07:00 Predator
MC Syco
Arch of Anarchy 
22:00-23:00 Scott Marten vs The Beat Controller
23:00-00:00 Decipher & Shinra 
00:00-01:00 Angeldust
01:00-02:00 Miosa
02:00-03:00 T-Junction vs Rudeboy
03:00-04:00 Rayden
04:00-05:00 Anime
05:00-06:00 Hellsystem
06:00-07:00 Mercenary vs The Menace
MC Jeff
Cube of Chaos
22.00-23.30 Paranoizer
23.30-01.00 Bonehead
01.00-02.15 Goetia
02.15-04.15 Drokz & Akira
04.15-05.15 Destroyer – LIVE
05.15-06.15 KRTM vs Tripped
06.15-07.00 Noisekick – LIVE
Raver’s Warehouse 
22.00-00.00 Stanton
00.00-05.00 The Darkraver
05.00-07.00 Rob & MC Joe

Although every Masters of Hardcore addict already knows, we would like to present to you the official Vortex of Vengeance anthem produced by State of Emergency. Check it right here.
 To purchase the anthem check out

In the last few weeks, we’ve introduced a selection of devoted artists of Masters of Hardcore – The Vortex of Vengeance. Check it on the official Masters of Hardcore Facebook page.

As usual, Hardcore Radio will provide all those that weren’t able to make it this time with a live streaming directly from the Brabanthallen. Tune in at and don’t miss a thing!

During  The Vortex of Vengeance the brand new, exclusive Masters of Hardcore merchandising will be presented. New designs, new products and premium quality for the premium Masters supporter will be available.
Get it exclusively at the merchandise stand on the event.

At that very same merchandise stand you will be able to get your favourite item signed by one of the following artists:
00.00-00.15 State Of Emergency
01.30-01.45 Angerfist
04.00-04.15 Korsakoff

Due to daylight saving time the clock will be moved forward at 2 AM. This doesn’t mean we will party one hour shorter. The party will end at 8AM summer time. We didn’t mention this in the timetable to avoid confusion.

Last tickets for Masters of Hardcore – The Vortex of Vengeance are available right here and at all Primera outlets.

All the last info about Masters of Hardcore – The Vortex of Vengeance check out the event website: or check the official MOH facebook page.

Masters of Hardcore – The Vortex of Vengeance
Zaterdag 24 Maart 2012
Den Bosch





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