Since the beginning of the 90’s hardcore music has been evolving without a pause.

The continuous search for innovation and breaking musical production borders is what makes hardcore music the artistic pool for many electronic music genres.

The production techniques have evolved rapidly and with the increasing power & strength of today’s technology, this process is speeding up even more.

Still, information about the techniques and production methods remain fairly underground and are mastered by only a few.

There are many young producers trying to make the step to the top, but they find themselves stuck in the complex world of producing hardcore music.

For all other music genres there are countless production resources available, like forums, video-tutorial sites, preset libraries. You name it and it is available. sees the lack of information for new hardcore producers.
This is where steps in.
Our goal is a unique portal where producers will find what they need to reach up to the level of the hot shots.

In depth video tutorials, a knowledge data-base and true interaction with A-class hardcore producers is now a possibility.

We dare to share. And we dare you to make the best hardcore music.

Masters of Hardcore and Red Bull will stimulate the best hardcore talent by providing a providing an I4-Muzique producers-package to get your tracks to the next level.

Simply send in your own hardcore track to The best contribution will be selected by our professional jury. The winner takes all and will be announced at 02:30 at the Hardcore Radio stand on Masters of Hardcore – Statement of Disorder . Good luck !

Masters of Hardcore – Statement of Disorder
April 2nd 2011
22:00 – 06:00
Den Bosch





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